Krashen’s “Principles & Practice in SLA”

Intro A. 3 approaches to method a. SLA theory b. applied linguistics research c. ideas & intuitions from experience B. interactions among approaches to practice C. what 3 approaches have to say about method D. goals: re-intro teachers to theory & to gain confidence SLA A. 5 hypotheses a. A-L distinction i.e. hypo: adults also […]

How to build RPM packages from Spec files

Let’s take nginx as an example. First, let’s prepare the following building environment: yum install gcc rpm-build rpm-devel rpmlint make python bash coreutils diffutils patch rpmdevtools rpmdev-setuptree Now under your home directory there is a rpmbuild directory, under which there are sub-directories: BUILD BUILDROOT RPMS SOURCES SPECS SRPMS Since we build the RPM package from […]

About us

We are a group of 2nd Language Acquisition(SLA) practiser. The 2nd language(SL)s denote languages other than mother tongues, which are accordingly called the 1st Language(FL)s. Our vision is to make anyone could master any language one would love to and could thoroughly think in it with freedom. Sounds impossible? In fact it is available. Consider […]