About us

We are a group of 2nd Language Acquisition(SLA) practiser. The 2nd language(SL)s denote languages other than mother tongues, which are accordingly called the 1st Language(FL)s.

Our vision is to make anyone could master any language one would love to and could thoroughly think in it with freedom.

Sounds impossible? In fact it is available. Consider that each SL is just the FL of other people, which in general are of no specialty. Their speaking in this FL is just an accidental arrangement. Thus principally, there is no mankind language that could not be mastered by us normal mankind. At least we could speak it fluently.

The key is the approach. Though mankinds have explored in SLA for several decades, we still could not figure out all the details. So much attainment in theory has been acquired, yet there was hardly any successful practice on SLA. We try to move forward from the edge where people had arrived, focusing on the practicing and true applying effects of the SLA theory.

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